[System_lord_fraz] - Application to The Order - Accepted

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[System_lord_fraz] - Application to The Order - Accepted

Post by system_lord_fraz on Fri Jan 24, 2014 3:26 pm

1. Your current commander?
Hardcore Hinksy

2. Your previous alliance/s …why you left them, your roles in them, etc?

3. A little history of you in the game, apart from those mentioned above?
not much to say played on and off since around 2006(I think) never really got into sgw but now I am determined to get that last ascesion, so I am very much committed to the game now

4. Your in game ID's? – You can pm your ascended ID to a HC member
system_lord_fraz                         1916282
4a. What is your ascension level?
what ever the first one is

4b. Are you currently ascending or have you finished?
still going, I want that unknown

5. How often do you log in?
I try and log in two or three times a day if I can a lot more than that but the kids love to what cartoons on my laptop so its not aloways that easy

5a. What is your Skype/MSN availability?
erm random man no set pattern

5b. What is your Skype/MSN?
Skype frazer.lawrence

5c. Agree to be active in the game, on the TVO Forum and on MSN (and obtain an MSN account if you do not currently have one)?:
lol, I haven't been on msn in years, I cant believe that its still going, but yea I surpose I can pop on

6. Agree to be active on the TVO Forums?
why not

7. Do you have "unsettled issues" with us (Major Allies)?

7a. What were the issues?

8. Why do you want to join us?
I think the question is why do you want me to join you?..........lmfao yea right nah I really just want an active bunch of guys who love the banter and are willing to teach me and not just expect me to know everything off the bat. I will ask a lot of newbie questions!

9. A bit about your style of play?
truth be told I don't really have on, if anything im a rather passive guy but that being said I have never turned down a fight and never back down even if knowing full well its going to end in me get massed.

10. Tell us about you…we like To to be built up of friends, so we need to know a bit about you. Where are you from, student or work, hobbies, interests, etc.
I love rugby( playing, watching drink while playing and watching) have 2 kids and a wife to be (just booked the wedding) I work nights which is a bummer with 2 kids but the money is good so its all good. I don't have much time to myself, but when I do I normally spend it with my laptop or an elder scrolls game(helps me relax) that's about it not much else to say if you want to know anything else just ask.

11. What is your raw MS slots (including Fleets) and tech Levels?
(Due to this being public, you can PM these details when asked, to a member of the HC, if you dont want them public)
Maximum Volley Capacity  13,625
Maximum Shield Capacity  10,519
Maximum Fleet Capacity  1,853
level 4

11a. What are your Covert/Anti Covert levels & Up?
(Not really important if you are ascending)

11b. What is your ME? How much is your's?
2,571,667,895-not really done much or won much for that matter lmao


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Re: [System_lord_fraz] - Application to The Order - Accepted

Post by ~Tziki~ on Fri Jan 24, 2014 3:29 pm

Trial granted Smile

keep an eye out for guidelines to pass your trial period, i will most likely point you to them anyway.

Welcome aboard no skirt fraz!!!



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