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Thankyou for having the intelligence to actually read this thread as instructed.

When applying please title your thread in the format:

This is so that the right HC members and TO Mentors are aware this thread requires their attention.

When Applying please copy this application form and fill in the appropriate area's:

1. Your current commander?

2. Your previous alliance/s …why you left them, your roles in them, etc?

3. A little history of you in the game, apart from those mentioned above?

4. Your in game ID's? – You can pm your ascended ID to a HC member

4a. What is your ascension level?

4b. Are you currently ascending or have you finished?

5. How often do you log in?

5a. What is your Skype availability?

5b. What is your Skype Username?

5c. Agree to be active in the game, on the TO Forum and on Skype (and obtain a Skype account if you do not currently have one)?:

6. Agree to be active on the TO Forums?

7. Do you have "unsettled issues" with us (Major Allies)?

7a. What were the issues?

8. Why do you want to join us?

9. A bit about your style of play?

10. Tell us about you…we like To to be built up of friends, so we need to know a bit about you. Where are you from, student or work, hobbies, interests, etc.

11. What is your raw MS slots (including Fleets) and tech Levels?
(Due to this being public, you can PM these details when asked, to a member of the HC, if you dont want them public)

11a. What are your Covert/Anti Covert levels & Up?
(Not really important if you are ascending)

11b. What is your ME? (Militarty Experience) How much is your's?

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