[Jd3] - Application to The Order - Accepted

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[Jd3] - Application to The Order - Accepted

Post by jd3.0 on Wed Aug 28, 2013 3:22 pm

Hi there I recently received an invitation to join your alliance from ~Tziki~ in game and wish to take you up on such and order! .. so here is my application!

1. Your current commander?

I am currently my own commander

2. Your previous alliance/s …why you left them, your roles in them, etc?

For the last 2 years I have been out of an alliance and played a lone wolf in the game! Previous to this I was in Alpha Allegience and before that I believe I was in NAOS United whilst they were still active.

3. A little history of you in the game, apart from those mentioned above?

I have been playing this game for around 7 years now as I started back in the middle of high school, at the very start I was a naive player with little experience and learned some harsh lessons from my mistakes! I was very active for my first 3-4 years and built up to a respectable size and was I believe one of the first players to reach Ancient God when it was released but was for the most part of my time a very passive player! I spent the majority of my time in alpha but when I started my new career in engineering I chose to give up the game and sold my original account (70799) to Donmalo! After a while of absence I decided to return to the game and make a new account which is my current one, for a few years I was extremely inactive with work taking priority (that and my addiction to WoW taking over my gaming time!). I returned to the game full time earlier last year where on my main I have generally set a target of reaching The Unkown (of which I did 2 months ago but due to the stupid game error I am now chasing after quickly again: about a week off it) but the majority of my effort has gone into my ascended account on which I have ruled my dominance heavily! I have not played my main to its potential this year but I am now ready to and have 1 million turns saved up ready to help me do so! I have been looking for a reason to return to playing at my former glory again and this invitation I believe is it!

4. Your in game ID's? – You can pm your ascended ID to a HC member
Main – 1915434
Ascended – I am not willing to disclose this until I am actually accepted due to my activity on this server, I hope you can understand this! I can assure you that it is to a high enough level to meet your standards!

4a. What is your ascension level?
I have just been deascended from the unkown due to the game bug but will be back there within the week

4b. Are you currently ascending or have you finished?

5. How often do you log in?
I aim to log on every day if I can – Work and social commitments sometimes stop this however

5a. What is your Skype/MSN availability?
Skype – Fully available
MSN – I don’t use this as a platform however it is integrated into my windows 8 social hub

5b. What is your Skype/MSN?
Skype - Will disclose after acceptance - when adding me please state you are from gatewars and your alliance)
MSN – as above!

5c. Agree to be active in the game, on the TO Forum and on MSN (and obtain an MSN account if you do not currently have one)?:
I agree, I will be using MSN through windows 8 however as previously stated

6. Agree to be active on the TO Forums?
I agree

7. Do you have "unsettled issues" with us (Major Allies)?
No. I have no issues with anyone on the game. I do not tolerate hits on ascended though and I will mass back if massed on main!

7a. What were the issues?

8. Why do you want to join us?
You asked me to join, I am intrigued to play with an alliance again! It could be great fun! A game with friends is a better game than a game with no friends

9. A bit about your style of play?
I have very little care for my own resources; my main has millions of turns and has been played very little until now, if aggression is needed I am your man, if you want me to stay low I am your man! I am willing to play as needed!

10. Tell us about you…we like To to be built up of friends, so we need to know a bit about you. Where are you from, student or work, hobbies, interests, etc.
My name is Jon!

I am currently 21 years old, from England and have just completed a 4 year apprenticeship in Engineering! I work shift work and love socializing with my friends in the spare time that I do get. I love computers, games, motocross and dance/house music. My dream in life would to be a DJ in Ibiza!

11. What is your raw MS slots (including Fleets) and tech Levels?
(Due to this being public, you can PM these details when asked, to a member of the HC, if you dont want them public)

4quad with tech level 4 (I am ascending!)
Attack – 235k slots
Defence – 373k
Fleets – 57k

11a. What are your Covert/Anti Covert levels & Up?
(Not really important if you are ascending)
Irrelevant as ascending – 27/23

11b. What is your ME? How much is your's?

Main - 41 Trillion – As I said my main has been used as a shell really, this is where the fun begins
Ascended in the last 3 months
1274 quad stolen
16 trillion planets destroyed


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Re: [Jd3] - Application to The Order - Accepted

Post by ~Tziki~ on Wed Aug 28, 2013 4:45 pm

All seems to be in order here...




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