[Massacre] Application to The Order - Postponed

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[Massacre] Application to The Order - Postponed

Post by Eldunda on Thu Jun 20, 2013 3:49 pm

1. Your current commander?

No  commander atm Smile

2. Your previous alliance/s …why you left them, your roles in them, etc?

Mayhem ago years , HU 

3. A little history of you in the game, apart from those mentioned above?

I was masser ago years when was the server war Smile

4. Your in game ID's? – You can pm your ascended ID to a HC member


4a. What is your ascension level?

4b. Are you currently ascending or have you finished?

Im finished Smile
5. How often do you log in?

Every day /  10hr
5a. What is your Skype/MSN availability?


5b. What is your Skype/MSN?

5c. Agree to be active in the game, on the TO Forum and on MSN (and obtain an MSN account if you do not currently have one)?:

Ofc yes Smile
6. Agree to be active on the TO Forums?

7. Do you have "unsettled issues" with us (Major Allies)?

No !
7a. What were the issues?

8. Why do you want to join us?

Growing , make friends Smile drinking :DDD and eating coookiesss Very Happy
9. A bit about your style of play?

Agressive , or lazy Very Happy 
10. Tell us about you…we like To to be built up of friends, so we need to know a bit about you. Where are you from, student or work, hobbies, interests, etc.

From Serbia/Beograd , Im finished Medical high Sch. now started the academy Medical  finished First exams Very Happy thanks GOD!  Hobbies: Drumming,drinking with my friends and ofc love my girlfriend Smile and Playing Dota2 Very Happy
11. What is your raw MS slots (including Fleets) and tech Levels?
(Due to this being public, you can PM these details when asked, to a member of the HC, if you dont want them public)

Pod Volley Offense Weapons140,012
Maximum Volley Capacity143,260Energy Shields Generators139,770Maximum Shield Capacity149,500Enhanced Drone Satallite Array0Maximum Fleet Capacity26,000
11a. What are your Covert/Anti Covert levels & Up?
(Not really important if you are ascending)

11b. What is your ME? How much is your's?



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